Fuel Treatment Site Near Idaho City, ID

Scientists and managers met at the Idaho City Ranger District on September 17th for field tours and discussions of the challenges and lessons learned managing ponderosa pine forests after fire exclusion.

Many fuel treatment sites were visited and discussions included past and future forest management of the Boise National Forest and Boise Basin Experimental Forest.

Field trip summary - Fuels treatments in ponderosa pine - Visits to the Boise National Forest and Boise Basin Exp. Forest

 Site visits and discussions included:

  • Forest conditions without active management
  • Fuels and fuel dynamics in areas managed with combinations of logging, mastication, prescribed fire, and/or salvage logging
  • Integrated restoration options
  • Science and management cooperation and collaboration

Suggested reading presented at the event -

Event Details

Sep 17 2014, 8:30am - 4:30pm