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Corey L. Gucker
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Fuel Treatments & Effects
Management Approaches
Montane dry mixed-conifer forest, Ponderosa pine woodland/savanna

NRFSN number: 12928
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Terrie Jain, Research Forester with the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, together with foresters, and fire and wildlife managers from the Boise National Forest led a tour of fuels treatments in dry conifer forests around Idaho City, Idaho. Site visits provided a visual of high forest fuel conditions with potential to support severe crown fires and what successful fuel reduction treatments to reduce crown fire potential may look like (Figure 1). At each tour site, however, discussions extended beyond the management and treatment of fuels to include fire history, legacy management, the wildland-urban interface (WUI), forest resiliency, wildlife habitat, and more.


Gucker, Corey L. 2014. Fuels treatments in ponderosa pine - Visits to the Boise National Forest and Boise Basin Exp. Forest. Northern Rockies Fire Science Network Field Trip Summary No. 7: Boise Basin Field Tour 2014 September 17. Idaho City, ID.