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Whitebark pine image with mountains in background
Sep 13, 2019 to Sep 14, 2019
This year's Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation Conference - The Far View from the Mountaintops: Meshing Past and Present Whitebark Pine Science, Management, and Cultural Significance, was co-hosted...   Read more
Landscape view of beetle-killed trees
Sep 4, 2019
Researchers presented results from a National Science Foundation-funded project studying management responses to Mountain Pine Beetle infestations in the western U.S. This research included case...   Read more
Aerial view of vegetation mosaics from a recent fire.
Jul 9, 2019 to Jul 11, 2019
This workshop and field tour brought together managers and scientists to share knowledge about topics important to wilderness fire management. These included future challenges related to changing...   Read more
National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy logo
Jun 20, 2019
Co-hosted by the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and the Wildalnd Fire Cohesive Strategy Western Regional Strategy Committee, this field tour showcased success stories and lessons learned while...   Read more
Jun 4, 2019
  With increases in the severity and duration of fire seasons, wildland firefighters are working longer shifts all across the west and are experiencing increased fatigue. In this webinar, Dr. Randy...   Read more
mixed severity fire
May 21, 2019
Mixed severity fire regime systems may be the most widely distributed and yet poorly understood fire regime type in western North America. This incongruity results from the diversity of forest types...   Read more
May 7, 2019
  In this webinar, Dr. Kimberley Davis examined the effects of climate on post-fire conifer regeneration and subsequent seedling and tree growth. She and her colleagues focused on lower elevation...   Read more
Firefighters dig fireline through a forest in smoky conditions.
Mar 21, 2019
  Wildland firefighters are exposed to wood smoke, which contains hazardous air pollutants, during wildland fire management assignments across the U.S. each year. In this webinar, Kathleen Navarro,...   Read more
Maple Fire burning through lodgepole reproduction from 1988 fire
Oct 16, 2018 to Oct 17, 2018
This event was designed to create dialogue among managers and scientists and opportunities to learn how science can inform our understanding of reburn characteristics, fire effects, fire behavior,...   Read more
Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation Logo
Sep 20, 2018 to Sep 22, 2018
The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network partnered with the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation (WPEF) and the USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection, Boise Field Office to host the 2018 WPEF...   Read more