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salvage logging operations
Dec 7, 2021 to Dec 8, 2021 | Workshop
Salvage Science Summit: Technology and Ecology2-day Virtual Panel Discussion, December 7-8, 2021 Hosted by the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network, the Northwest Fire Science Consortium, the Southern Rockies Fire Science...   Read more
Sep 22, 2021 | Webinar
Webinar: Wildfire effects on microclimate conditions and seedling regeneration in Northern Rockies mixed-conifer forests Presented by Kyra Wolf, University of Montana. Climate warming and increasing frequency and severity of...   Read more
May 6, 2021 | Workshop
IMG_2163 - Copy1.JPG The Salvage Science Series presented recent research on the effects of post-fire salvage logging and new tools for helping to plan salvage treatments. This event was a two-...   Read more
Image of glacier lilies in burned area near Crandell Campground, BC, Canada. Photo: Kim Pearson
Mar 22, 2021 to Mar 26, 2021 | Workshop
The Crown Managers Partnership partnered with the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and others to bring you the 2021 Fire in the Crown of the Continent Forum, which was held virtually from March 22nd to March 26th. The Crown...   Read more
whitebark pine snag
Feb 23, 2021 | Webinar
Webinar: Whitebark Pine Growth and Defense in Response to Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks  Whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) is a critical forest species of Northern Rocky Mountain upper subalpine ecosystems, yet little is known...   Read more
Feb 9, 2021 | Webinar
Webinar: Young forests and fire: Using LiDAR-imagery fusion to explore fuels and fire severity in a subalpine forest reburn Presenters: Kristin Braziunas, University of Wisconsin, and Diane Abendroth, National Park Service...   Read more
tree seedling in burned area
Jan 13, 2021 | Webinar
Presented by Camille Stevens-Rumann and hosted by the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and the Association for Fire Ecology, this webinar covered a recent review published in the Journal of Fire Ecology on tree regeneration...   Read more
burned forest
Oct 21, 2020 | Webinar
The NRFSN partnered with Sustainable Northwest and the Northwest Fire Science Consortium to share information about a JFSP funded research project that evaluates the "work of wildfires" on the landscape and helps identify post-...   Read more
Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Logo
Apr 23, 2020 | Webinar
The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network partnered with the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s (DNRC) Forestry Division to share information about the development of a statewide wildfire risk assessment....   Read more
Bob Keane observes an old growth ponderosa pine with an indian bark peel in the Bob Marshall Wilderness
Mar 24, 2020 | Webinar
Dr. Robert Keane presented results from several studies on a retrospective journey through 30 years of whitebark pine and wilderness fire research in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.  This webinar was hosted by the Rocky...   Read more