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A Go-To Resource for Northern Rockies Fire Science

The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network (NRFSN) is a go-to resource for managers and scientists involved in fire and fuels management in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming. We facilitate knowledge exchange among managers and scientists by bringing people together to strengthen collaborations, synthesize science, and enhance science application to critical fire and fuels management issues.

We work in the ancestral territories of Tribal Nations in the Rocky Mountains and recognize the importance of lands far beyond reservation boundaries for cultural practices and ceremonies. Since time immemorial, Tribal communities have used fire to enhance valued resources and ecosystems. The NRFSN strives to promote communication, collaboration, and shared learning in the larger wildland fire community to support tribal land managers in co-managing these ecosystems for generations to come. The NRFSN urges those interested in the Northern Rockies to take time to learn about the history, treaties, and culture of the Tribes within the area where you live, work, or visit.

NRFSN activities and products include:

All activities and products are guided by our logic model and input from managers involved in fire and fuels management.

Through these activities, our goals are to:

  1. Expand scientist-manager communication networks
  2. Increase scientist understanding of fire management challenges and research needs
  3. Improve access to and application of science by managers
  4. Improve public understanding of and support for fire management
  5. Increase the integration of scientific and traditional knowledge on tribal and adjacent lands
  6. Facilitate management of resilient ecosystems in the Northern Rockies

Learn more about the NRFSN by viewing our video, flyer, or annual reports.

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