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This Firewise webinar features three stories of successful community wildfire risk reduction. The stories come from Colorado, Idaho and Washington (featuring FAC Net member Jerry McAdams from Boise Fire Department and affiliate member Patrick Haggerty from the Cascadia Conservation District).
Type: Media : Webinar
This webinar presents results of an opportunistic study to quantify the performance of thinning and surface fuel treatment in migrating wildfire behavior and severity, as represented by bole char, crown scorch proportion, tree burn severity index, on the largest wildfire in southwest USA history: 2011 Wallow fire. The results...
Type: Media : Webinar
Becoming a fire-adapted community that can live with wildfire is envisioned as a continuous, iterative process of adaptation. We combined national and case study research to examine how experience with wildfire alters the built environment and community- and government-level wildfire mitigation, planning, and regulations. By...
Type: Media : Webinar
Yana Valachovic will discusses the types, placement, and maintenance of landscape plants to reduce risk of home ignition. She will discusses various elements of home design that mitigates home loss during a wildfire.
Type: Media : Webinar
Our Mission: Individuals, neighborhoods, organizations, and agency wildfire professionals working to create Fire Adapted Communities in the Flathead area by providing leadership, technical assistance, education, and resources. We: •Are inclusive and welcome all partners interested in creating fire-adapted communities. •Encourage...
Type: Website : Website
This talk will focus on a four-step approach to integrating wildfire planning for the wildland-urban interface (WUI) through a variety of planning and implementation processes that work across departments within local governments. Attendees may wish to review the guide on which the talk will be based prior to the session. The talk...
Type: Media : Webinar
As wildfires increase in size and severity, the costs to protect homes and lives similarly rise. Yet protecting communities represents a relatively small portion of the total costs of a wildfire—other short- and long-term impacts yield a variety of costs that often go unrecognized. In an analysis of five case studies—the Hayman (...
Type: Media : Webinar
In this webinar Dan Turner discusses fire jurisdictions, mutual aid agreements, pre-attack planning, deployment and mobilization plans, agency differences in strategy and tactics, resource prioritization, evacuations and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) coordination. It is geared toward public and private sector individuals...
Type: Media : Webinar
This webinar provides an overview of what has been learned to date in relation to different aspects of public response to wildfire management including risk perception, social acceptance of prescribed fire and thinning, what makes homeowners more or less willing to create defensible space, and communication dynamics. Developing an...
Type: Media : Webinar
Dr. Jack Cohen, Fire Science Researcher with the USDA Forest Service, explains current research about how homes ignite during wildfires, and the actions that homeowners can take to help their home survive the impacts of flames and embers. Featuring footage from the IBHS Research Center showing ember experiments on full-scale...
Type: Media : Video


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