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In addition to NRFSN-sponsored webinars and videos, the NRFSN catalogs Northern Rockies-relevant webinars, videos and podcasts produced by other entities. This archive can be searched by presenter, date, topic, and/or ecosystem type. The archive includes recordings from the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), the Association for Fire Ecology (AFE), the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), the Wildand Fire Lessons Learned Center (WFLLC), Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES), the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and other JFSP fire science exchanges.

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Presented by Camille Stevens-Rumann and hosted by the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and the Association for Fire Ecology, this webinar covered a recent review published in the Journal of Fire Ecology on tree regeneration following wildfire...
Presenter(s): Camille Stevens-Rumann, Penelope Morgan
Date: January 13, 2021
Type: Video
Fire and herbivory have always been important disturbances in grasslands and their interaction may be particularly important for wildlife habitat. In this week’s episode, we talk to Dr. Sam Fuhlendorf of Oklahoma State University and Bob Hamilton of...
Presenter(s): Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, Bob Hamilton
Date: December 22, 2020
Type: Podcast
Wildfires and other types of biomass burning are a seasonal phenomenon in different land ecosystems around the world. Such fires are estimated to consume biomass containing a total of 2-5 petagrams of carbon globally every year, generating heat...
Presenter(s): Charles Ichoku
Date: December 17, 2020
Type: Webinar
This webinar to the NWCG Smoke Committee describes experimental tools developed for smoke management including higher resolution 7-day forecasts. Presented by Bret Anderson, who works for the National USDA Forest Service Air program and develops...
Presenter(s): Bret Anderson
Date: December 17, 2020
Type: Webinar
Knowing where to get information, training, experience, and help is critical to success in prescribed burning. In this episode of Fire University, Marcus Lashley talks with fire professionals Zach Prusak and Andy Rappe to discuss the tools and...
Presenter(s): Zachary A. Prusak, Andy Rappe
Date: December 15, 2020
Type: Podcast
Fire Ecology: It is everywhere around us, yet so many of us know so little. What is fire ecology? What makes fire behave the way it does? What is a fire ecologist and how does one get into that field? What are the coolest/most surprising/unique fire...
Presenter(s): Gabrielle Harden, Darren McAvoy, Larissa L. Yocom
Date: December 11, 2020
Type: Webinar
Wildland fires occupy the biosphere as both an ecological process essential for maintaining species diversity and a hazard to human lives, infrastructure and activities. Fire managers’ ability to anticipate fire behavior is key to maximizing...
Presenter(s): Kara M. Yedinak
Date: December 10, 2020
Type: Seminar
Burn severity is the ecological change resulting from wildland fires. Areas burned with high severity are of concern to land managers and others because postfire vegetation, soil, and other important ecosystem components can be highly altered. Using...
Presenter(s): Gregory K. Dillon
Date: December 9, 2020
Type: Webinar
Columbia University researchers warned in April that the western United States might be entering a 20-year mega-drought. Human-caused climate change is one reason. And drought is an even bigger problem in places that have uneven access to water in...
Presenter(s): Molly Wood
Date: December 5, 2020
Type: Video
This is the second webinar in a six-part series that informs forestry and natural resource professionals of the full scope of land management approaches used by Native Americans across the country. Federal agencies have a unique political...
Presenter(s): Alicia Bell-Sheeter, Lexie Rue-Harris
Date: December 3, 2020
Type: Webinar