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Landscape photo of Coram Exp. ForestThe Coram Experimental Forest (CEF) was established in 1933 on the Flathead National Forest in northwestern Montana. This forest represents the western larch (Larix occidentalis) forest type occurring in the upper Columbia River basin. Western larch trees regenerate best on exposed soil and full sun sites that are typical after fires or similar disturbances. Conservation of the western larch forest type is a priority for area land managers.

Although there are six forest types represented on the CEF, the majority of the forest is covered by western larch and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), but Engelmann spruce/subalpine fir (Picea engelmannii/Abies lasiocarpa) forests occur on cool, moist sites at all but the lowest elevations.

Research and Resources -

Fire Behavior: 
Predicting duff and woody fuel consumed by prescribed fire in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Fire Effects - Plants: 
Establishment and growth of conifer regeneration following harvest and residue treatments in a western larch-Douglas-fir forest

Natural regeneration after harvest and residue treatment in a mixed-conifer forest of northwestern Montana

Recovery and diversity of the forest shrub community 38 years after biomass harvesting in the northern Rocky Mountains

Seedbed treatments influence seedling development in western larch forests

Site treatments influence development of a young mixed-species western larch stand

Fire Effects - Soils:
Effects of prescribed fire on soil nitrogen levels in a cut-over Douglas-fir/western larch forest

Effects of fire on nitrogen in forest floor horizons

Long-term soil changes from forest harvesting and residue management in the northern Rocky Mountains

Fire History: 
Forest fire history in the Northern Rockies

Fire history of Coram Experimental Forest

Fire history of a western larch/Douglas-fir forest type in northwestern Montana

Vegetation structure in old-growth stands in the Coram Research Natural Area in northwestern Montana

Fuels Assessments & Monitoring: 
Long-term effects on distribution of forest biomass following different harvesting levels in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Surface fuel litterfall and decomposition in the Northern Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.

Influence of harvesting and residues on fuels and fuel management

Smoke & Air Quality:
Fire and smoke in Montana forests

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