Brad R. Weisshaupt, Matthew S. Carroll, Keith A. Blatner, William D. Robinson, Pamela J. Jakes
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Fire Communication & Education
Public Perspectives of Fire Management
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Prescribed Fire-use treatments
Smoke & Air Quality
Smoke & Populations
Wildland Urban Interface

NRFSN number: 8393
FRAMES RCS number: 7843
Record updated: August 17, 2022

Focus groups were used to gauge tolerance of smoke from broadcast prescribed forest burning in the wildland-urban interface of the northern Inland West. Focus group participants worked through issues surrounding prescribed burning as a management tool to determine if the origin of smoke made a difference in the acceptance of that smoke. Participant responses across five different population sectors suggest that prescribed forest burning could be applied as a forest management tool with a well-informed public and that establishing and maintaining a dialogue with the public may be the most important part of any fire prescription.


Weisshaupt, Brad R.; Carroll, Matthew S.; Blatner, Keith A.; Robinson, William D.; Jakes, Pamela J. 2005. Acceptability of smoke from prescribed forest burning in the northern inland west: a focus group approach. Journal of Forestry. 103(4):189-193.

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