Jonathan Krug, Russell W. Long, Maribel Colón, Andrew Habel, Shawn P. Urbanski, Matthew S. Landis
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Smoke & Air Quality
Smoke Emissions
Smoke Monitoring

NRFSN number: 23801
Record updated: November 3, 2021

Wildland fire activity and associated emission of particulate matter air pollution is increasing in the United States over the last two decades due primarily to a combination of increased temperature, drought, and historically high forest fuel loading. The regulatory monitoring networks in the Unites States are mostly concentrated in larger population centers where anthropogenic air pollution sources are concentrated. Smaller population centers in areas more likely to be impacted by wildland fire smoke in many instances lack adequate observational air quality data. Several commercially available small form factor filter-based PM2.5 samplers (SFFFS) were evaluated under typical ambient and simulated near-to mid-field wildland fire smoke conditions to evaluate their accuracy for use in temporary deployments during prescribed and wildfire events.


Krug, Jonathan; Long, Russell; Colón, Maribel; Habel, Andrew; Urbanski, Shawn; Landis, Matthew S. 2021. Evaluation of small form factor, filter-based PM2.5 samplers for temporary non-regulatory monitoring during wildland fire smoke events. Atmospheric Environment. 265(3): 118718.

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