David Frisbey
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Smoke & Air Quality
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NRFSN number: 17803
Record updated: June 13, 2018

This thesis describes a means of comparing the potential smoke impacts from prescribed burning versus the possible smoke impacts of a wildfire as if it had occurred in the same given area. The methodology of evaluating these impacts is based on the results of available computer models designed for determining smoke production and pollutant dispersion. The results of a test case comparing prescribed burn and wildfire conditions verified that there could be significant downwind impacts from both types of burning. A method is then examined by using the models to size a prescribed burn based on fuel load/acre to limit downwind smoke particulate concentration, thereby providing land managers with a possible means to further limit the risk of adverse smoke impacts on adjacent communities.


Frisbey D. 2008. A comparison of smoke emissions from prescribed burns and wildfires. M.S. thesis, San Jose State University, 62 p.

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