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Dialogue and the art of thinking together

Author(s): William Isaacs
Year Published: 1999

In this book, Isaacs argues that we should learn to kindle and sustain a new conversational spirit in our relationships, organizations, and communities. A conversational spirit will help us in times of frustration and conflict and help us work together to a more promising future. Isaacs discusses what encourages and discourages such dialogue, what happens when you need to talk through difficult situations, and how to become more open to engaging in dialogue. The book is organized into five parts. The first part of the book defines dialogue. The second part concerns building personal capacity to engage in dialogue including chapters on listening, respecting, suspending judgment, and voicing opinions. Isaacs writes about intuition in the third part of the book, and in the fourth part of the book, he talks about the “architecture of the invisible,” or how to make time and space for conversation to happen. Finally, the fifth part of the book concerns widening the dialogue circle and invigorating civic engagement and democracy in our communities.

Citation: Isaacs W. 1999. Dialogue and the art of thinking together. New York: Currency. 448 p.
Topic(s): Fire Communication & Education, Crisis Communication, Human Dimensions of Fire Management, Decisionmaking & Sensemaking
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