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Effects of fire in whitebark pine communities of the alpine-treeline ecotone

Date: September 16, 2016
Presenter(s): C. Alina Cansler
Description: In this presentation by C. Alina Cansler, Research Ecologist, University of Washington, was part of the 2016 Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation Annual Science and Management Workshop - Successes and Challenges in Managing the Jewel in the Crown of the Continent that occurred September 16, 2016 in Whitefish, MT.
Topic(s): Fire Effects, Ecological - First Order, Fire Intensity / Burn Severity, Ecological - Second Order, Vegetation, Fire Regime
Ecosystem(s): Alpine forest/krummholz, Subalpine wet spruce-fir forest, Subalpine dry spruce-fir forest
Type: Webinar
NRFSN number: 14775
Record updated: May 24, 2018