Somes Bar, CA

I grew up nearby in the coastal town of Arcata, CA in the Wiyot Tribe’s Ancestral Territory, and have lived on the Klamath River towns of Orleans and Somes Bar in the Karuk Tribe’s Ancestral Territory since 2010. I have worked for the Karuk Tribe's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) since 2015, and am currently employed as the K12 Environmental Education Coordinator for the Karuk Tribe's Pikyav (fix-it) Institute. My interest in fire is directly related to my interest in supporting local Indigenous Peoples’ efforts to reclaim their Cultural Burning practices. I have participated in Klamath River TREX since 2014 as an entry-level firelighter, and have received training in Fire Effects Monitoring. I have been inspired by my community’s efforts to restore fire back to the land and to the people. This work is a commissioned woodcut print utilized as t-shirt designs for TREX on the Klamath River and elsewhere, in collaboration with Karuk DNR’s Deputy Director of Eco-Cultural Revitalization, Bill Tripp.

Klamath River TREX - Black Oak Woodcut print

Klamath River TREX - Black Oak
Woodcut print, oil-based ink on Rives cotton lightweight paper