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Wildland Firefighter Health Series: Current Knowledge for Body, Mind, and Well-being

Wildland Firefighter Health Series
May 31st - June 2, 2022

This 3-day series of presentations and panel discussions shared the current science, knowledge, and tools to support wildland firefighter physical and mental health and overall well-being. The series was developed to bring the latest science to those working in fire management and/or wildland firefighting.

Recordings will be available soon.


Day 1: Physical Health

  • Smoke Exposure and Health Effects for Wildland Firefighters – Kathleen Navarro
  • Female Firefighters and Reproductive Health: What We Know and Where We Are Going – Alesia Jung
  • Sleep Matters: How it Affects Mental and Physical Health – Randy Brooks
  • Wildland Firefighter Physiological Health and Job Demands – Joe Sol
  • Fitness Leadership: Management Perspective – Luis Gomez

Day 2: Mental Health

  • Wildland Firefighter Mental Health - Patty O’Brien
  • PTSD: Finding a Way Home – Marc Titus
  • Taming Fire Dragons - Suzanne Connolly
  • Identification and Integration of Moral Injury – Rebecca Morris
  • Stress First Aid for Wildland Firefighters – Kimberly Lightley

Day 3: Supporting a Healthy Workforce

  • Recognizing Risk Factors in the Workplace – Matt Carroll
  • Active Bystander and Preparedness Training – Ty Gilbert
  • Building Resilience – Ben Iverson
  • Overview and Practical Application of Incident Kits – K.C. Briggs
  • NWCG Efforts for Wildland Firefighter Health – Miranda Stuart

Resources Recommended by our Speakers

Kathleen Navarro

Alesia Jung

Joe Sol

Ben Iverson

Other Resources

Presented as a partnership among the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network, the Northwest Fire Science Consortium, the Great Basin Fire Science Exchange, the Southern Rockies Fire Science Network, and the California Fire Science Consortium

This event was organized with agenda input provided by the USDA Forest Service’s Innovation & Organizational Learning RD&A and Work Environment & Performance Office, and inspiration derived from the International Association of Wildland Fire’s Workforce Resilience Ignite Talks.

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