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Symposium: Climate Change and the Ecology of Sierra Nevada Forests

This symposium will focus on the responses of Sierra Nevada forest organisms and ecosystems to increasing climate stresses. Talks and posters featuring either formal scientific studies, well-documented natural history observations, forest-adjacent ecosystems such as meadows and rivers are also welcome. The symposium is co-sponsered by The Sierra Nevada Research Institute and Western North American Naturalist.

Potential topics could include: - Influence of climate change on fire frequency, intensity, and/or species responses to fire - Effects of total precipitation vs. snow amount on vegetation and streamflow - Tree reproduction and seedling recruitment under changing conditions - Animal responses to increasing temperature and drought - Conservation genetics of keystone or rare Sierra Nevada species under climate change - Dispersal ability and connectivity between protected areas under climate change - Public understanding of climate change impacts on the Sierra Nevada mountains - Challenges in managing species/ecosystems under changing condition, or techniques for doing so- ....and many others!

Visit the UC Merced Sierra Nevada Research Institute web page for links to the schedule and registration.