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The Air Quality Research Center at UC Davis is holding its second in a series of biennial conferences supported by the California Air Resources Board on advances in meteorology and climate modeling for air quality applications. This conference will interest those involved in research that utilizes meteorological and climatological data. The focus will be on the modeling and predicting regional climate and meteorology as it relates to air quality, with an emphasis on understanding what's “under the hood” of the models and how to improve them.

The conference will cover:

  • Dynamical Modeling of Processes Across Scales
  • Complex Terrain Effects
  • Coastal Zone Meteorology Interactions with Air Quality
  • Convective and Stable BL Parameterizations and Grey-Zone Turbulence Issues
  • Land-Surface Processes and Urbanization
  • Cutting Edge Approaches to Coupled & Integrated Modeling
  • Aerosol Direct & Indirect Feedbacks and Aerosol Aware Microphysics
  • Model Evaluation Using Meteorological and Chemical Observations from Field Campaigns
  • Cloud and Radiation and Scale-Dependent Microphysical Processes
  • Data Assimilation & Inverse Modeling
  • Wildfire and Prescribed Burn Processes and Effects
  • Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Modeling
  • Ensemble Methods


Event Details

Sep 16 2015, 12am - Sep 18 2015, 12am