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Forest Health in Oregon: State of the State

Forest Health in Oregon: State of the State 2016 is a conference and continuing education event hosted at the LaSells Stewart Center on the campus of Oregon State University. The event is designed to synthesize the current forest health conditions of Oregon forests by focusing on mortality agents and other factors that negatively impact forests. The first day of the event will be an opportunity for participants to learn about the latest information regarding insects, disease, fire, vertebrates, and a changing climate-and how each of these are currently affecting Oregon’s forests. The second day will focus on management of these factors and discuss mitigation strategies moving forward.

Foresters, forest managers, environmentalists, resource professionals, woodland owners, students and anyone else with an interest in the health of Oregon’s forests would benefit from attending this event. The program is designed to give participants access to scientists during extended panel question periods. There will also be opportunities for participants to engage in discussion with forest health specialists and scientists on topics of interest in an informal setting.

More information available at the conference webpage.