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This webinar provided an introduction and overview of the FlamMap modeling system and its new capabilities with focus on several new additions:

  • Get Landscape Utility for the creation and extraction of LANDFIRE based landscape files
  • Spatial version of the First Order Fire Effects Model (FOFEM)
  • Additional support for raster formats
    • Additional GeoTiff support for importing/exporting raster files. Export of raster files (both ASCII Grid and GeoTIFF) now include an AUX.XML file containing theme metadata.
  • GeoTIFFs now supported when generating landscapes
    • Single band GeoTIFF (.TIF) Files can now be used for generating a new landscape.
    • Regardless of the format of the source themes (GeoTIFF or ASCII Grid) the resulting landscape can be saved in GeoTIFF (.TIF) file format.
    • Class units for aspect and canopy cover themes is no longer supported when generating a landscape, only degrees and percent respectively.
  • Save Raster Outputs as Single GeoTIFF File
    • Raster outputs for a FlamMap, FARSITE, or SpatialFOFEM run can now all be saved in one multi-band GeoTIFF file with the Raster Outputs to GeoTIFF shortcut command.
  • Measure Tool
    • Users can draw lines and polygons on a landscape and calculate lengths and areas.
  • New tools to edit and graph weather

FlamMap is a fire analysis desktop application that runs in a 64-bit Windows Operating System environment. The FlamMap fire mapping and analysis system (Finney 2006) describes potential fire behavior (spread rate, flame length, fireline intensity, etc.), fire growth and spread and conditional burn probabilities under constant environmental conditions (weather and fuel moisture). Dead fuel moisture and conditioning of dead fuels in each pixel is based on slope, shading, elevation, aspect, and weather. With the inclusion of FARSITE it can now compute wildfire growth and behavior for longer time periods under heterogeneous conditions of terrain, fuels, fuel moistures and weather.

Additional information about FlamMap and the software download are available from the Fire Lab Website at:


Presenter(s): Charles W. McHugh, Mark A. Finney, Stuart Brittain, Robert C. Seli

Event Details

Jul 6 2022, 11am - 12pm
Presenter(s): Charles W. McHugh