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Smoke Modeling & Forecasting

The smoke modeling and forecasting subtopic focuses on literature that tracks trends in smoke, nonsmoke, and particle matter or verifies models that attempt to predict them. Many of the publications are results of large-scale investigations that validate, or don't validate, emissions from various types of fuels (peat, boreal forests, etc.). Scales of study in these papers ranges from local to continental.  Key papers track carbon emissions, plume emissions, haze clouds, etc. for long periods of time to try to validate models and predict future conditions.

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2021 Statistical downscaling with spatial misalignment: application to wildland fire PM2.5 concentration forecasting
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Suman Majumder, Yawen Guan, Brian J. Reich, Susan M. O'Neill, Ana G. Rappold
2021 Forest fire smoke detection under complex backgrounds using TRPCA and TSVB
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Xiaohu Qiang, Guoxiong Zhou, Aibin Chen, Xin Zhang, Wenzhuo Zhang
2021 Rapid estimation of CO2 emissions from forest fire events using cloud-based computation of google earth engine
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Putri Setiani, Luhur Akbar Devianto, Fatwa Ramdani
2020 3D video semantic segmentation for wildfire smoke
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Guodong Zhu, Zhenxue Chen, Chengyun Liu, Xuewen Rong, Weikai He
2019 Contribution of wildland-fire smoke to US PM2.5 and its influence on recent trends
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Katelyn O'Dell, Bonne Ford, Emily V. Fischer, Jeffrey R. Pierce
2019 A statistical model for predicting PM2.5 for the western United States
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Amy Marsha, Narasimhan K. Larkin
2018 Review of emissions from smouldering peat fires and their contribution to regional haze episodes
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Yuqi Hu, Nieves Fernandez-Anez, Thomas E. L. Smith, Guillermo Rein
2018 Optimizing smoke and plume rise modeling approaches at local scales
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Derek V. Mallia, Adam K. Kochanski, Shawn P. Urbanski, John C. Lin
2012 Climate and vegetation influences on fire impacts in Alaskan boreal forest: implications for carbon and fire management
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Crystal A. Kolden, John T. Abatzoglou