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This subtopic includes includes annual grasses and their Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) descriptions

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Why is Sagebrush Country on Fire?
Jun 3, 2020
Michele R. Crist


2020 Longer-term post-fire succession on Wyoming big sagebrush steppe
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Jonathan D. Bates, Chad S. Boyd, Kirk W. Davies
2020 Invasive grasses: A new perfect storm for forested ecosystems?
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Becky K. Kerns, Claire Tortorelli, Michelle A. Day, Ty Nietupski, Ana M. G. Barros, John Kim, Meg A. Krawchuk
2020 Invasive Species Science Update (No. 12)
Technical Report or White Paper
Justin B. Runyon
2019 Bunchgrass root abundances and their relationship to resistance and resilience of burned shrub-steppe landscape
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Matthew J. Germino, Matthew R. Fisk, Cara Applestein
2019 Relations among cheatgrass-driven fire, climate, and sensitive-status birds across the Great Basin - Final Report to the Joint Fire Sciences Program
Technical Report or White Paper
Erica Fleishman, Jennifer Balch, Bethany A. Bradley, Ned Horning, Matthias Leu
2019 Validating a time series of annual grass percent cover in the sagebrush ecosystem
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Stephen P. Boyte, Bruce K. Wylie, Donald J. Major
2019 Insect communities in big sagebrush habitat are altered by wildfire and post‐fire restoration seeding
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Ashley T. Rohde, David S. Pilliod, Stephen J. Novak
2012 Roads impact the distribution of noxious weeds more than restoration treatments in a lodgepole pine forest in Montana, U.S.A.
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Jennifer L. Birdsall, Ward W. McCaughey, Justin B. Runyon
2006 Fire management impacts on invasive plants in the western United States
Book or Chapter or Journal Article, Synthesis
Jon E. Keeley