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Development of post-fire crown damage mortality thresholds in ponderosa pine

Author(s): James F. Fowler, Carolyn Hull Sieg, Joel D. McMillin, Kurt K. Allen, Jose F. Negron, Linda L. Wadleigh, John A. Anhold, Ken E. Gibson
Year Published: 2010

Previous research has shown that crown scorch volume and crown consumption volume are the major predictors of post-fire mortality in ponderosa pine. In this study, we use piecewise logistic regression models of crown scorch data from 6633 trees in five wildfires from the Intermountain West to locate a mortality threshold at 88% scorch by volume for trees with no crown consumption. For trees with >40% crown consumption volume, linear regression indicates >85% mortality, but for trees with crown consumption volume <40%, there is a statistically significant, linear relationship between increasing crown scorch and increasing probability of mortality. Analysis of an independent 600+ tree dataset from Colorado produced similar results and supports the analysis approach. Crown scorch volume (>85%), crown consumption volume (>40%), and crown consumption between 5 and 40% combined with crown scorch volume >50% mortality thresholds could be incorporated into post-fire marking guidelines for forest management goals.

Citation: Fowler, James F.; Sieg, Carolyn Hull; McMillin, Joel; Allen, Kurt K.; Negron, Jose F.; Wadleigh, Linda L.; Anhold, John A.; Gibson, Ken E. 2010. Development of post-fire crown damage mortality thresholds in ponderosa pine. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 19(5):583-588.
Topic(s): Fire Effects, Ecological - Second Order, Vegetation
Ecosystem(s): Ponderosa pine woodland/savanna
Document Type: Book or Chapter or Journal Article
NRFSN number: 8400
FRAMES RCS number: 8471
Record updated: Jan 21, 2014