Peter R. Robichaud, Frederick B. Pierson, Robert E. Brown, Joseph W. Wagenbrenner
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Management Approaches
Post-fire Management
Post-fire Rehabilitation
Montane dry mixed-conifer forest

NRFSN number: 8389
FRAMES RCS number: 7304
Record updated: September 14, 2023

After the Valley Complex Fire burned 86 000 ha in western Montana in 2000, two studies were conducted to determine the effectiveness of contour-felled log, straw wattle, and hand-dug contour trench erosion barriers in mitigating postfire runoff and erosion. Sixteen plots were located across a steep, severely burned slope, with a single barrier installed in 12 plots (four per treatment) and four plots left untreated as controls. In a rainfall-plus-inflow simulation, 26 mm h-1 rainfall was applied to each plot for 1 h and 48 L min-1 of overland flow was added for the last 15 min.


Robichaud, Peter R.; Pierson, Frederick B.; Brown, Robert E.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W. 2008. Measuring effectiveness of three postfire hillslope erosion barrier treatments, western Montana, USA. Hydrological Processes. 22(2): 159-170.