Kristen E. Meyer, Kathleen A. Dwire, Patricia A. Champ, Sandra E. Ryan, Gregg M. Riegel, Timothy A. Burton
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Wildland Urban Interface
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Riparian woodland/shrubland

NRFSN number: 8354
FRAMES RCS number: 13455
Record updated: May 24, 2018

Vegetation treatment projects for fuel reduction in riparian areas can pose distinct challenges to resource managers. Riparian areas are protected by administrative regulations, many of which are largely custodial and restrict active management. Like uplands, however, riparian areas have been affected by fire suppression, land use, and multiple types of disturbance. Also, many streamside areas are part of the expanding wildland-urban interface (WUI) or wildland-urban intermix that may be at high risk of wildfire.


Meyer, Kristen E.; Dwire, Kathleen A.; Champ, Patricia A.; Ryan, Sandra E.; Riegel, Gregg M.; Burton, Timothy A. 2012. Burning questions for managers: fuels management practices in riparian areas. Fire Management Today. 72(2): 16-23.

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