Dan R. Loeffler, David E. Calkin, Robin P. Silverstein
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Fire & Economics
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Montane dry mixed-conifer forest, Ponderosa pine woodland/savanna

NRFSN number: 8180
FRAMES RCS number: 7697
Record updated: May 24, 2018

ANNOTATION: In 1978 the U.S. Forest Service initiated a National Wood Utilization and Wood Energy Application Program to focus attention on application of existing and developing technology. In this paper, the mission and goals of this program are discussed. Additionally, problems such as access, economic feasibility, and long-term guarantees are discussed. The benefits and hazards of utilizing forest residues are summarized and the paper closes with mention of the U.S. Forest Service and Regional commitment and the future opportunities for wood energy.


Loeffler, Dan; Calkin, David E.; Silverstein, Robin P. 2006. Estimating volumes and costs of forest biomass in western Montana using forest inventory and geospatial data. Forest Products Journal. 56(6): 31-37.

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