Robert E. Keane
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Fire Ecology
Insects & Disease
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Management Approaches
Recovery after fire
Alpine forest/krummholz, Subalpine wet spruce-fir forest

NRFSN number: 7927
FRAMES RCS number: 4077
Record updated: October 3, 2019

In recent decades, whitebark pine has been declining due to epidemics and fire exclusion (Keane and Arno 1993; Kendall and Arno 1990). In the northern Rocky Mountains, a project is underway to explore the feasibility of using fire and silviculture to restore the tree's high-elevation habitat.


Keane, Robert E. 2001. Can the fire-dependent whitebark pine be saved? Fire Management Today. 61(3): 17-20.

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