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Join Brian as he examines models as simplified representations of real processes. This seminar explores modelling basics including scale analysis, assumptions, unknowns, and how to find meaning from model outputs. Walk through basic concepts and reinforce your understanding of models and your ability to use models wisely. This seminar was interactive with several online whiteboard exercises, chat-facilitated sharing, and live discussion from a diverse group-- from beginner to expert modellers and model users. During the second half of the webinar, there were many interesting comments and resources shared in the chat (which we have inserted as an overlay in the video). In order to respect the time of viewers, we have edited out the whiteboard exercises where a few minutes of quiet were allotted to allow the live participants to organize their thoughts and add comments to the whiteboard. Instead of including the full recorded run time, we have overlayed the final whiteboards into the video as well as transcribed all of the comments into a summary document to be found at

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Jan 15, 2024
Brian Weins

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Simulation Modeling

NRFSN number: 26275
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