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Michael R. Coughlan, Naomi Serio, Harper Loeb, David G. Lewis, Sally Thompson
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Fire & Traditional Knowledge

NRFSN number: 26115
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This systematic literature review focused on the following questions: 1. What is Indigenous fire stewardship and how has it been represented in peer reviewed literature? 2. What are the salient social issues, debates, and concerns about IFS and its application to restoration management? 3. What aspects of IFS has literature in fire ecology and ecological restoration included? 4. What does the literature say about the policy opportunities and challenges of integrating IFS into various fire management contexts across the PNW? The synthesis includes an annotated bibliography with 66 articles and a review of the themes present in this body of literature including social, ecological, and policy aspects of IFS. It further summarizes recommendations for land management agencies, policymakers, and researchers to support IFS integration and revitalization.


Coughlan MR, Serio N, Loeb H, Lewis DG, Thompson S. 2023. Indigenous Fire Stewardship For Fire Management And Ecological Restoration In The Pacific Northwest: A Literature Synthesis And Annotated Bibliography. Northwest Fire Science Consortium Synthesis report, 135 p.

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