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Moderator: Margaret Gregory

This webinar's topics include:

  • USDA Forest Service National Reporting on Forest Sustainability: Observations and Program Overview, presented by Guy Robertson
  • Key Findings from the 2020 National Report on Sustainable Forests, presented by Lara Murray
  • The Montréal Process: a voluntary international agreement to measure, monitor and make progress on forest conservation and sustainable management, presented by Kathleen McGinley

This media record is part of a series:


The SCIENCEx Webinar Series brings together scientists and land management experts from across U.S. Forest Service research stations and beyond to explore the latest science and best practices for addressing large natural resource challenges across the country.

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May 19, 2023
Guy Robertson, Lara Murray, Kathleen McGinley

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Fire Ecology
Fire Effects
Fuels Inventory & Monitoring

NRFSN number: 25557
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