Charlotte C. Reed, Sharon M. Hood, Danny R. Cluck, Sheri L. Smith
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Mountain pine beetles

NRFSN number: 25532
Record updated: May 11, 2023

An extreme drought from 2012–2016 and concurrent bark beetle outbreaks in California, USA resulted in widespread tree mortality. We followed changes in tree mortality, stand structure, and surface and canopy fuels over four years after the peak of mortality in Sierra mixed conifer and pinyon pine (Pinus monophylla) forests to examine patterns of mortality, needle retention after death, and snag fall across tree species. We then investigated how the tree mortality event affected surface and canopy fuel loading and potential impacts on fire hazard and emissions.


Reed, Charlotte C.; Hood, Sharon M.; Cluck, Daniel R.; Smith, Sheri L. 2023. Fuels change quickly after California drought and bark beetle outbreaks with implications for potential fire behavior and emissions. Fire Ecology. 19: 16.

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