A road map for supporting strategic risk reduction investments with land and fire management operations.

The USFS 10-year Wildfire Crisis Strategy lays out ambitions goals for increasing the pace and scale of hazardous fuel treatments to reduce risk to communities, but does little to tie these goals to measurable risk reduction outcomes or to prioritize where and under what conditions risk mitigation can be effectively implemented. This presentation will focus on how the cross-boundary strategic pre-fire planning framework can be used to implement structured, scalable, and measurable on-the-ground risk mitigation actions. Additionally, we will discuss the limitations of risk mitigation projects on federal lands and the need for renewed emphasis on shared stewardship of fire and coordinated cross-boundary treatments.

This presentation is part of the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory 2022-2023 Seminar Series

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Feb 2, 2023
Christopher D. O'Connor
Fuels, Risk, Wildland Urban Interface