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A Strategic Framework for Planning, Mitigation and Response: PODs, RMA, and Incident Strategic Alignment

Over the last several years scientists and analysts at RMRS Wildfire Risk Management Science (WRMS) team led the development of the PODs framework and provided leadership and content in support of the Risk Management Assistance program. Over the last two years an emerging effort led by IMT members and supported by the WRMS team has developed a processes to apply PODs and RMA based analytics to develop more robust incident strategies through the Incident Strategic Alignment Process (formerly known as SRA and StratOps). In this presentation Calkin will discuss how these lines of work support wildfire strategy, outline the evolution of these efforts and how they reinforce each other, demonstrate examples, and discuss future opportunities to improve our wildfire management strategies.

This presentation is part of the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory 2022-2023 Seminar series

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Feb 9, 2023
David E. Calkin

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