The SCIENCEx Webinar Series(link is external) brings together scientists and land management experts from across U.S. Forest Service research stations and beyond to explore the latest science and best practices for addressing large natural resource challenges across the country.

This webinar's topics include:

  • Introduction to SCIENCEx Fire Week, brief overview by Jens Stevens
  • Indigenous Fire Stewardship and Cultural Burning, presented by Frank Lake
  • Fire Exclusion and Western Forest Change, presented by Eric Knapp
  • A History of Fire in the Eastern US: How Humans Modified Fire Regimes Through the Holocene, presented by Dan Dey

Media Record Details

Feb 27, 2023
Jens T. Stevens, Frank K. Lake, Eric E. Knapp, Daniel C. Dey
Fire Ecology, Fire History, Fire Regime, Fire & Traditional Knowledge