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Qingkuo Meng, Yongjian Huai, Jiawei You, Xiaoying Nie
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Fire Behavior
Simulation Modeling
Fuels Inventory & Monitoring

NRFSN number: 25295
FRAMES RCS number: 67123
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Combustibles, topography, and weather factors are the three essential factors affecting forest fire behavior, and current forest fire spread models need to consider weather factors fully. This paper proposes a forest fire spread method based on environmental weather factors to present a visualized simulation of forest fire spread in the natural environment. Forest pyrolysis differs based on water content, so a single-tree pyrolysis model with temperature as its core has been constructed to describe the differences in forest pyrolysis during different seasons visually. In addition, based on the improved Huygens principle as the theoretical basis for forest fire spread, weather factors such as wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation controlled by weather are coupled with the forest fire spread process. And the forest fire spread in three-dimensional scenarios is simulated by considering environmental factors. The visualization of the forest fire extinguishing process caused by precipitation is realized. Finally, the interaction between rain and snow, terrain and trees is realized when precipitation affects the corresponding landscape and vegetation texture to enhance the realism of the constructed forest environment. In short, this paper proposes a forest fire spread method based on environmental weather factors, which intuitively expresses the influence of different weather factors on forest fire spread, thereby improving the immersive experience of the related senses and realizing realistic scene roaming.


Meng, Qingkuo; Huai, Yongjian; You, Jiawei; Nie, Xiaoying. 2023. Visualization of 3D forest fire spread based on the coupling of multiple weather factors. Computers & Graphics 110:58-68.

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