Pedro Marques-Quinteiro, Maria Jose Chambel, Andre Maio
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High Reliability Organizing

NRFSN number: 25204
Record updated: January 17, 2023

This study sought to examine how operational demands hinder individual well-being in firefighters, and also the extent to which fire chiefs’ transformational leadership style acts as an operational resource to attenuate this relationship. A total of 115 firefighters participated in the study and completed surveys over seven consecutive days. The results suggest that individuals’ well-being trajectories are not influenced by operational demands while individuals’ well-being is enhanced over time by team leaders’ transformational leadership. The implications of these findings are discussed and future research directions are advanced.


Marques-Quinteiro P, Chambel MJ, and Maio A. 2022. Leadership at the Extreme: A Longitudinal Study of Transformational Leadership Style and Well-Being in Firefighters. Fire 5(6), 192;

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