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Chris Adlam, Diana Almendariz, Ron Goode, Deniss Martinez, Beth Rose Middleton
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Fire & Traditional Knowledge

NRFSN number: 24664
FRAMES RCS number: 65094
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The revitalization of cultural burning is a priority for many Native American tribes and for agencies and organizations that recognize the cultural and ecological importance of this practice. Traditional fire practitioners are working to resist the impact of settler colonialism and reestablish cultural burning to promote traditional foods and materials, exercise their sovereignty in land management, and strengthen their communities’ cultural, physical and emotional wellbeing. Despite broad support for cultural burning, the needs of practitioners are often poorly understood by non-Native people, limiting the potential for productive cross-cultural partnerships and programs and services that serve Indigenous nations and communities. This article describes lessons learned from two Indigenous Fire Workshops that brought together cultural fire practitioners, researchers, agency and NGO representatives and members of the public to learn about the use and benefits of cultural burning in California.


Adlam, Christopher; Almendariz, Diana; Goode, Ron W.; Martinez, Deniss J.; Middleton, Beth Rose. 2022. Keepers of the flame: supporting the revitalization of Indigenous cultural burning. Society & Natural Resources 35(5):575-590.

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