David S. Schimel, Juan C. Corley
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Fire & Climate
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Prescribed Fire-use treatments
Recovery after fire

FRAMES RCS Number: 64439
Record updated: February 16, 2022
NRFSN number: 24298

This feature explores topics of enduring ecological concern – fire regimes, climate change, and forest management of the North American West. The authors describe the dual challenges of past forest management legacies and fire exclusion confronted by a changing fire regime due to the coupling of stark climatic changes and abundant fuels. They argue for intentional management to create more drought- and fire-resilient forests, emphasizing key forest characteristics that conserve biodiversity and ecosystem values, while recognizing that this implies the use of mechanical thinning, prescribed burning and managed wildfire as tools.


Schimel, David S.; Corley, Juan C. 2021. Invited Feature: Climate change and western wildfires. Ecological Applications 31(8):e02452.

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