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Learning from Thirtymile Fire

Date: June 22, 2021

This video of the Thirtymile incident was organized and produced by the Office of Innovation and Organizational Learning with the help of the University of New Mexico and Dynamic Inquiry, LLC, in an effort to finally capture the story of what happened on the Thirtymile Fire directly from the mouths of those who experienced it. It was created in an effort to benefit from the principles of the Learning Review process through capturing the context and network of influences surrounding that event as exhaustively as humanly possible. Each interviewee was invited to explain to the viewer how their actions made sense to them given the context of the situation as they were able to understand it.

Topic(s): Fire Behavior, Fire Communication & Education, Fire Effects, Human Dimensions of Fire Management, Human Factors of Firefighter Safety, Organizational Learning & Innovation
Ecosystem(s): None
Type: Video
NRFSN number: 23339
Record updated: Jun 29, 2021