This two-day event was part of the SCIENCE x Post-Disturbance Restoration webinar series sponsored by USDA Forest Service Research and Development The SCIENCEx webinar series brings together scientists and land management experts from across U.S. Forest Service research stations and beyond to explore the latest science and best practices for addressing large natural resource challenges across the country. These webinars will be primarily management focused, but with applicability for participants from across sectors. SCIENCEx will typically be organized as week-long webinar ‘blitzes’ around salient topics, allowing for deep-dives into subtopics or dynamics within specific geographies. DAY 1 Understanding Post-Wildfire Management Effects on Stand Structure and Woody Fuel Loadings (begins at 5:50 of Day 1 recording) Presented by Morris Johnson Where to Intervene in Wildfire-Altered Forests in California (begins at 15:30 of Day 1 recording) Presented by Jonathan Long Fire-Catalyzed Forest Conversions: Causes, Consequences, and Potential Paths Forward (begins at 24:00 of Day 1 recording) Presented by Sean Parks DAY 2 What Do We Do Now? Extending Forest Restoration to Post-Fire Management in Dry Coniferous Forests (begins at 4:00 of Day 2 recording) Presented by Dave W. Peterson Fire Severity Prediction on the Stanislaus National Forest: Management Implications (begins at 21:20 of Day 2 recording) Presented by Stacy Drury A Demonstration of the Climate Smart Restoration Tool, a User-Friendly Seed Transfer Mapping Tool for Current and Future Climates (begins at 34:06 of Day 2 recording) Presented by Bryce Richardson

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Apr 20, 2021
Morris C. Johnson, Jonathan Long, Sean A. Parks, David W. Peterson, Stacy Drury, Bryce A. Richardson
Fire Ecology, Fire Effects, Fire Regime, Fire Intensity / Burn Severity, Fire & Climate, Post-fire Management, Risk