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Understanding Post Wildfire Management Effects on Stand Structure and Woody Fuel Loadings

Date: April 12, 2021
Presenter(s): Morris C. Johnson

As part of a recorded webinar series on new research to inform salvage logging decisions, Dr. Morris Johnson talks about post wildfire management effects on stand structure and woody fuel loadings. Morris Johnson is Research Fire Ecologist with the USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station. The series is co-hosted by the Rocky Mountain Research Station, Northern Rockies Fire Science Network, Southern Rockies Fire Science Network, and the Northwest Fire Science Consortium.

Topic(s): Fire Ecology, Fire Effects, Fuels, Fuel Treatments & Effects, Mechanical treatments, Management Approaches, Adaptive Management, Post-fire Management, Salvage Logging
Ecosystem(s): None
Type: Webinar
NRFSN number: 23309
FRAMES RCS number: 63497
Record updated: Jun 11, 2021