Scott L. Stephens, Jan W. van Wagtendonk, James K. Agee, Ronald H. Wakimoto
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Fire Effects
Fire History
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Prescribed Fire-use treatments

NRFSN number: 23075
FRAMES RCS number: 63513
Record updated: May 10, 2021

Harold Biswell first learned about the benefits of prescribed fire in forest management when he was a Forest Service researcher in Georgia, USA. After he accepted a professorship in the School of Forestry at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, he was surprised to find out that prescribed fire was not an accepted practice in California. He set out to conduct a series of studies to explore the effects of prescribed fire in forests of California and compare those effects to those he observed in Georgia.


Stephens, Scott L.; van Wagtendonk, Jan W.; Agee, James K.; Wakimoto, Ronald H. 2021. Introduction to the article by Harold Biswell: prescribed burning in Georgia and California compared. Fire Ecology 17:9.

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