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Guidelines and Best Practices for Managing Fire in Whitebark Pine Stands in the Crown of the Continent

Author(s): Robert E. Keane, Darren Quinn, Jed Cochrane
Year Published: 2017

This document details a fire management strategy for facilitating the restoration of whitebark pine on subalpine landscapes of the Crown of the Continent (COTC). The heart of the management strategy is Table 1 that specifies the most appropriate fire management action, including prescribed fires,before, during and after a wildfire. This report first justifies the need for special attention in fire management practices when in the upper subalpine landscapes of the COTC. Next, we detail a set of management actions that will enhance whitebark pine restoration before and during a wildfire. All restoration actions, including mechanical thinnings, prescribed burning, and wildland fire use, are also fuel treatment activities that allow effective suppression of wildfires when needed. Therefore, several types of prescribed burn and mechanical thinning restoration actions are defined and detailed to provide context for Table 1. And last, the three wildfire management strategies--full suppression, partial suppression, and wildland fire use(lettingsome fires burn under prescribed conditions), are definedand discussed, and the strategies for their use are documented in the context of whitebark pine restorationin Table 1.

Citation: Keane RE, Quinn D, and Cochrane J. 2017. Guidelines and Best Practices for Managing Fire in Whitebark Pine Stands in the Crown of the Continent. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5b0ed84b9f8770e4668d521e/t/605921e968604e5ea20898d6/1616454124269/Fire%2BBMPs%2BFINAL%2BJune%2B2017+%282%29.pdf.
Topic(s): Fire Ecology, Fire Effects
Ecosystem(s): None
Document Type: Technical Report or White Paper
NRFSN number: 22836
Record updated: Mar 29, 2021