Ponderosa pine forests of the western United States have been experiencing an increase in wildfire activity in recent decades, highlighting a need to understand how they will regenerate post-fire. We synthesize results from a recent project that examined post-fire tree regeneration in ponderosa pine forests of Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota, and how regeneration was affected by a wide range of abiotic and biotic factors. Our results should help managers better predict post-fire regeneration outcomes for recent and future wildfires and better prioritize post-fire management investments to achieve the greatest payoff.

This webinar is part of our Science You Can Use series of land-management focused webinars. The sessions are half presentation, half discussion and Q&A.

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Mar 17, 2021
Michael A. Battaglia, Paula J. Fornwalt, Jose M. Iniguez, Suzanne M. Owen, Carolyn Hull Sieg
Fire Effects