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Whitebark pine: Current status and threats for proposed protections under the Endangered Species Act

Date: January 22, 2021
Presenter(s): Christy Cleaver

Whitebark pine, a critical component of high elevation ecosystems in the western U.S. and Canada, was recently proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The normally long-lived, stress-tolerant pine is declining throughout most of its range due to a combination of the introduced disease white pine blister rust, mountain pine beetle, fire, and climate change. Restoration efforts are ongoing and include a National Whitebark Pine Restoration Plan. Learn how you can help protect whitebark pines.

Presented by: Christy Cleaver, U.S. Forest Service Plant Pathologist, Coeur d’Alene Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society, January 22, 2021 program

Topic(s): Fire Effects, Ecological - Second Order, Vegetation, Management Approaches
Ecosystem(s): None
Type: Webinar
NRFSN number: 22526
Record updated: Feb 1, 2021