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The Benefits of Hard Decisions: Applying Lessons from Wilderness Fire

Date: July 21, 2020
Presenter(s): Richard R. Bahr, Ed Brunson, David L. Bunnell, Dave Campbell, Seth Carbonari, Orville Daniels, Mark A. Finney, Stu Hoyt, Diane Hutton, Justin Kaber, Al King, Timothy G. Love, Sarah M. McCaffrey, Carol Miller, Deb Mucklow, Mike Munoz, Tim Sexton, Ron Swaney, Fred VanHorn, Tom Zimmerman

Lessons learned from wilderness fire management in the Northern Rockies. Intended to spark discussion about managing fire for resource benefit on public lands: including reasons behind using this management approach; factors that influence the ability to do so; resources and steps that support fire for resource benefit; considerations to keep in mind; and other wisdom from experts. This video is not intended to provide solutions to every issue, but to catalyze conversation.

Topic(s): Fire Communication & Education, Fire & Wilderness, Human Dimensions of Fire Management, Organizational Culture & Identity, Risk, Operational
Ecosystem(s): None
Type: Video
NRFSN number: 21557
Record updated: Jan 13, 2022