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Tony S. Cheng, Michael D. Caggiano
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Risk assessment

NRFSN number: 21529
FRAMES RCS number: 61441
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Because wildfires don’t stop at ownership boundaries, managers from governmental and nongovernmental organizations in Northern Colorado are taking steps to pro-actively “co-manage” wildfire risk through the Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative (NCFC).For this research project, co-management refers to the collective actions taken by organizations to share the resources, costs, and burdens associated with managing fire risk across a large landscape. We examine factors that facilitated and limited wildfire risk co-management in a case study of the NCFC.


Cheng, Tony; Caggiano, Mike. 2020. Burning without borders: cooperatively managing wildfire risk in Northern Colorado. Co-Managing Wildfire Risk Fact Sheet Series, Fact Sheet No. 4. Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative. 2 p.

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