Miranda H. Mockrin, Hilary Fishler, Susan I. Stewart
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Fire Effects
Fire Policy & Law

NRFSN number: 20997
FRAMES RCS Number: 60598
Record updated: April 8, 2020

Wildfires are increasingly common in the United States, the result of climate change, altered wildfire regimes, and expanding residential development in close proximity to wildland vegetation. Both suppression expenditures and damages are increasing as a result. Accelerating wildfire losses have been observed in other countries as well: Australia, Canada, Chile, Greece, and Portugal have all experienced record destruction due to wildfires in the past decade.


Mockrin, Miranda H.; Fishler, Hillary K.; Stewart, Susan I. 2020. After the fire: perceptions of land use planning to reduce wildfire risk in eight communities across the United States. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 45:101444.

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