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Predicting Emission Source Terms in a Reduced-Order Fire Spread Model—Part 1: Particulate Emissions

Author(s): Alexander J. Josephson, Troy M. Holland, Sara Brambilla, Michael J. Brown, Rodman Linn
Year Published: 2020

A simple, easy-to-evaluate, surrogate model was developed for predicting the particle emission source term in wildfire simulations. In creating this model, we conceptualized wildfire as a series of flamelets, and using this concept of flamelets, we developed a one-dimensional model to represent the structure of these flamelets which then could be used to simulate the evolution of a single flamelet. A previously developed soot model was executed within this flamelet simulation which could produce a particle size distribution. Executing this flamelet simulation 1200 times with varying conditions created a data set of emitted particle size distributions to which simple rational equations could be tuned to predict a particle emission factor, mean particle size, and standard deviation of particle sizes. These surrogate models (the rational equation) were implemented into a reduced-order fire spread model, QUIC-Fire. Using QUIC-Fire, an ensemble of simulations were executed for grassland fires, southeast U.S. conifer forests, and western mountain conifer forests. Resulting emission factors from this ensemble were compared against field data for these fire classes with promising results. Also shown is a predicted averaged resulting particle size distribution with the bulk of particles produced to be on the order of 1 μ m in size.

Citation: Josephson, Alexander J.; Holland, Troy M.; Brambilla, Sara; Brown, Michael J.; Linn, Rodman R. 2020. Predicting emission source terms in a reduced-order fire spread model-Part 1: particulate emissions. Fire 3(1):4. https://doi.org/10.3390/fire3010004
Topic(s): Fire Behavior, Simulation Modeling, Smoke & Air Quality, Smoke Emissions
Ecosystem(s): None
Document Type: Book or Chapter or Journal Article
NRFSN number: 20800
FRAMES RCS number: 60808
Record updated: Mar 10, 2020