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Engaging the fire before it starts: A case study from the 2017 Pinal Fire (Arizona)

Author(s): Christopher D. O'Connor, David E. Calkin
Year Published: 2019

How did the forest and community get to the point where they were willing to take on managing a fire of this size and duration for resource benefit and hazard reduction? Science has recognized for decades that many forested ecosystems of the American West are shifting away from historically fire-adapted conditions. Beginning in the 1970’s a small handful of managers recognized this issue and developed wildland fire use concepts. However, in the current era of increasing encroachment of human development, climate change, and accumulated fuels, uncertain outcomes have emphasized the default response of aggressive suppression.

Citation: O'Connor, Christopher D.; Calkin, David E. 2019. Engaging the fire before it starts: a case study from the 2017 Pinal Fire (Arizona). Wildfire 28(1):14-18.
Topic(s): Management Approaches, Risk, Risk assessment
Ecosystem(s): None
Document Type: Book or Chapter or Journal Article
NRFSN number: 19069
FRAMES RCS number: 57439
Record updated: Mar 18, 2019