R.L. Beschta, Christopher A. Frissell, R. Gresswell, R. Hauer, James R. Karr, G. Wayne Minshall, David A. Perry, Jonathan J. Rhodes
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Fuel Treatments & Effects
Naturally-ignited Fire-use treatments
Post-fire Management
Salvage Logging

FRAMES RCS Number: 39471
TTRS Number: 14147
Record updated: November 20, 2018
NRFSN number: 18495

From the text: 'This paper offers a scientific framework of principles and practices that are provided to guide development of federal policy concerning wildfire and salvage logging and other post-fire treatments. A common thread throughout the -recommendations is that most native species are adapted to natural patterns and processes of disturbance and recovery in the landscape and that preventing additional human disturbance (and reducing the effects of past disturbance) generally will provide the best pathway to regional ecological recovery. We assume-that maintenance of viable populations of native species across their native ranges and the protection of critical ecosystem functions and services are desired objectives of federal land management, as stated in relevant legislation.'


Beschta, R. L., C. A. Frissel, R. Gresswell, R. Hauer, J. R. Karr, G. W. Minshall, D. A. Perry, and J. J. Rhodes. 1995. Wildfire and salvage logging: recommendations for ecologically sound post-fire management and other post-fire treatments on federal lands in the West. The Pacific Rivers Council, Eugene, OR, 16 p.

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