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Is organizational learning being absorbed by knowledge management? A systematic review

Author(s): Delio Ignacio Castaneda, Luisa Fernanda Manrique, Sergio Cuellar
Year Published: 2018

Purpose – This paper aims to focus on research regarding organizational learning (OL) and knowledge management (KM), and to specifically investigate whether OL has been conceptually absorbed by KM.

Design/methodology/approach – This study is based on 16,185 articles from the Scopus and ISI Web of Science databases, using VantagePoint 10.0 software. The method used in this study is a systematic literature review covering KM and OL publications from the 1970s, when the OL field started to grow, up to 2016.

Findings – Nuclear processes of OL, creation and acquisition of knowledge, have been conceptually absorbed by KMliterature in the past years.

Research limitations/implications – Only two databases have been considered, Scopus and ISI Web of Science, because of their academic prestige. However, these databases include a large number of articles on KM and OL. Search terms used could exclude some relevant terms, although all major descriptive terms have been included.

Practical implications – This paper identifies thematic clusters in KM and OL, evolution of both fields, most cited authors and representative journals by topic.

Originality/value – This is the first paper to jointly analyse the evolution of KM and OL. This paper shows a conceptual absorption of OL into KM, which may enrich academic discussion and also provide some clarity to the conceptualization of these two fields.

Citation: Castaneda DI, Manrique LF, Cuellar S. 2018. Is organizational learning being absorbed by knowledge management? A systematic review. Journal of Knowledge Management 22 (2): 299-325. https://doi.org/10.1108/JKM-01-2017-0041
Topic(s): Human Dimensions of Fire Management, Organizational Learning & Innovation
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Document Type: Book or Chapter or Journal Article
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Record updated: Oct 31, 2018